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Doug Schembri, World Champion showman, breeder and renowned horseman for over 40 years, sought a product to alleviate skin problems that developed at Char-O-Lot Ranch. Ringworm, rain rot, fungus, tail rubbing and skin itching and irritation are problematic in the humid climate of central Florida. Over the years Doug tried various over-the-counter products until he discovered a home remedy that was much more effective on common skin conditions and ringworm that was always present on the Thoroughbred yearlings that arrived for conditioning from the Keeneland sale barns each fall.

Being a showman, Doug added and improved his home remedy until it served two purposes extremely well. It not only relieved itching, scratching and irritation but with regular use it provided the show horse with a shiny, well conditioned hair coat that was easier to groom and eliminated the need for other conditioning products. The show horse had beautiful, problem-free coat with a brilliant shine built right in.

** Please Note ** The above video was produced in July of 2010 as an introductory offer. The 15%  Professional Horseman's discount mentioned does not represent a current promotion. Check print and online sources for coupons and offers. Thank you.

Finally, the product that Doug was seeking. It was easy for his staff to apply, it either relieved or eliminated a variety of skin problems and it also made preparation for the show ring and the sale ring easier. Sue Schembri, Doug's wife of forty years, experimented on skin problems that arose in the mare barns and pastures at Char-O-Lot. Finally she put her seal of approval as the pasture issues were much easier to address and the results were clear. It was very effective on horses that spent their days outside in the elements.

Sean Schembri, a professional World Champion handler in his own right, was racking up win after win in the show pen and his shiny emollient enriched coats stood out from the coliseum's back row, plus he noticed that the horses were more comfortable on the show grounds and suffered no itching, no irritation from the dust and grime that settled on everything. There was no doubt about it - it really worked.

Having perfected the formula, Doug shared it with his peers, some of the biggest names in both the stock breeds and the Thoroughbred business. Ted Turner, Charlie Dobbs, Chris Baccari were the first to use the product. Turner immediately saw results. His horses’ coats were shinier and better conditioned than ever before and he noticed that his horses were not developing skin issues that would normally come on in the summer months. He was thrilled. Terry Bradshaw had his first World Champion win under his belt that summer with a super shiny golden colt and everybody was happy. The product was seen, in plain white, unlabeled gallons around Ted's stalls at the Youth Quarter World, The Select World and the Palomino World and trainers began to talk about how the look of Ted's horses had IMPROVED! What was he using?

Charlie Dobbs and Chris Baccari, both leading Thoroughbred pinhookers and former Quarter Horse superstars, suffered with many skin and coat issues. Ringworm and fungus, rain rot, the dull, dry coats were annual problems as Thoroughbreds spend the first year of their life in the pasture, ungroomed as mother-nature intended. When sale time came around, a pinhooker has to put his best foot forward. Just like in the horse show ring, the sale ring requires a shiny, short, well groomed hair coat that gleams and glistens under the lights in the sale ring in hopes the young horse will fetch hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars. Both Charlie and Chris saw fast results, within days the turn-around began and the babies were starting to fit up beautifully when using Doug's product to prepare the horses for the September Keeneland Sale. Both were hooked. They now had a product that allowed their sale horses to shine and dazzle in the sale ring, and they were bringing six figure sales. No more tails rubbed out, no more excessive discomfort and itching from shavings dust at horse shows or on the ranch. Doug was fielding calls from Turner, Chris and Charlie for more and more product. The horse show world was buzzing and the Ocala and Kentucky Thoroughbred scene was taking notice. Doug's product, which was developed over years, on a hundred plus head of horses at Char -O-Lot, that came about almost by accident, through trial and error had revolutionized the grooming process, had hit the big time. When Doug walked through any shed row, at any horse show or Thoroughbred sales barn, anywhere in the country, everybody wanted it. WAHNA WIN was born.

Thousands of hours went into the product. Doug acquired a team of consultants, graphic designers, packaging experts and equine industry professionals, who all worked tirelessly. A production facility and corporate offices was established not far from Char-O-Lot Ranch in Lakewood Ranch, Florida to house the whole operation. Marketing plans, sales forecasts, sales strategy, research and development all came into play in preparation to launch the product. It's an overwhelming process and not without its growing pains. The worst of which was naming the product. Pro Coat Care and Skin Lotion was the original name for this multi-use, multi-purpose product. It seemed to encompass the benefits of the product but it didn't last long. Pro Coat Care and Skin Lotion was quickly re-branded and re-named Complete Coat Care to appeal to a wider, more commercial audience and better express the products purpose. It's tough to get across on a label all the wonderful benefits that the product provides. It's a complete product, the only one product needed to produce a shiny, well conditioned equine hair coat and address itching and irritations that inevitably come along way. It's a Complete Coat Care product for all breeds, all disciplines and all horse owners. And so it became... Complete Coat Care.

Doug Schembri, always one to take a good thing further, had a bevy of complimentary equine grooming products at the ready, a medicated shampoo, the ultimate horse show prep shampoo, an all natural fly spray that really works without harsh chemicals, a product that was developed from Doug's travels worldwide in search of expanding his equine empire.

The WAHNA WIN story is just beginning. Doug Schembri, a pioneer in the horse business and in life, continues to influence and has actually improved the ability of professional horsemen and all horse owners, to excel and create an even better, healthier, shinier champion equine which was always his goal. WAHNA WIN Complete Coat Care is the labor of his work and idealizes his goals, his desire to win, to be the best in the show ring, to walk out with the blue ribbon and the trophy, a result of a superior commitment to excellence and quality. With over 450 World Champions and counting Char-O-Lot Ranch has always demonstrated this commitment. The commitment to excellence and quality is infused into the WAHNA WIN product line. Doug made absolutely sure of it.

For more information on the life and times of Doug Schembri and the accomplishments of the Schembri family at Char-O-Lot Ranch, please visit www.charolotranch.com.